Advanced Computer and Gaming Computers

IT Electrician – Building the Most Advanced Computer and Gaming Computers

Here’s your chance to get your hands around the most powerful computers and gaming computers. Build the PC of your dreams with the latest technology and highest-quality components with the IT Electrician!

Are you looking for a powerful computer that is able to handle all your computing needs? Are you an avid gamer looking for a gaming computer that can sustain high-performance for long hours?

Well, at IT Electricians, we are your trusted experts, helping you build your dream computers. Our expert computer and gaming computer building service ensure you are able to determine every component that goes into the computer. Our tech gurus help you choose the best components that let you perform your best in games you love with the frames you want.

When you choose IT Electricians as your preferred computer expert, you can be sure of building a computer that’s not only tuned to your current computing needs but also scalable to incorporate technological evolution and change in your gaming tastes.

Here are some of the core computer components that we help you choose to build the most powerful gaming and computing machine you have ever wanted.

  • Motherboard
  • Operating system (OS)
  • Central processing unit (CPU)
  • System cooling.
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Power supply unit (PSU)
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU)
  • Storage
  • Gaming peripherals.

Why Choose Us?

At IT Electrician, we are passionate about building computers that pack raw power. Our experts are as excited as you about making powerful machines that deliver superior performance and power for gaming and other computing needs. With over a decade of experience building the most advanced computers and gaming computers, we are pushing the limits of state-of-the-art computer technology, design, overclocking, and cooling to build computers that deliver sheer power.

Whether you are looking for powerful desktops or laptops to carry out office work or looking to build a monster machine that gives you blistering performance for all your gaming needs, you can trust us for performance, technology, and pricing.

Here’s why hundreds of customers trust IT Electricians for their computer and gaming computer needs!

–         Superior Craftsmanship 

What’s a monstrous computing machine without the awe-inspiring design? At IT Electricians, we love to create machines that don’t just pack raw power but also appear to be a super-machine. Our skilled technicians build each computer by hand, ensuring every component is in the right place and packed neatly. From inventory allocation to assembly, testing, and quality assurance, you can trust us to deliver you the best-performing machine with exquisite looks.

–         Unmatched Performance

With over a decade of experience in building some of the most advanced and powerful computer and gaming computers, our technicians know how to squeeze the best performance from the machines. We don’t simply put together components to build your computer. Still, we ensure to unlock its maximum performance level by improving the wiring job, the layout of components, power delivery, and chassis airflow. All of these make sure you get unmatched performance from your computer.

–         Robust Testing

High-performing machines need rigorous testing to identify any bottlenecks and stability issues. At IT Electricians, our skilled and experienced technicians perform a series of stress tests and benchmark analyses on all core components, including memory, processor, storage, power supply, and graphics cards. This makes sure you get your hands on a monster machine that is ready to deliver you sheer power and performance.

–         Reliable Support

As much as we love to build powerful computing machines, we love to build long-lasting relations with our clients. Our in-house customer support staff are passionate about listening to your queries and resolving any issues with your gaming machine as quickly as possible. So, when you buy a computer or gaming computer from IT Electricians, you can be sure of collaborating with professionals who love to see you happy and succeed!

Can someone at IT ELectrician give me advice on picking parts?

Yes, sure. At IT Electricians, our technicians work closely with clients to help them choose the best parts and components. By fully understanding your computing needs (office work, gaming), we assist clients in choosing the latest and most powerful components that will get the job done for them.

Can an IT Electrician help me build a PC; I am a newbie?


Many of our clients are newbies to gaming computers and require full assistance to build machines of their dreams. When you hire IT Electricians, you can be sure of having generous and passionate technicians at your side; helping you choose the best computer or gaming computer for your needs.