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Even though we are still local electricians,

Since 2000 we have branched out into Technology, IT and Website Design.

Electrician, Security, Home Theaters, IT Networking & Website Design.

IT Infrastructure and Security Analyst

Electrical, Audio, Video and Security

Wireless and Wired

We make your home or business come alive with energy!

We are Information Technology Electricians. What is an Information Technology Electrician?

An Information Technology (IT) electrician is a type of electrician who specializes in working with the electrical systems and equipment used in the field of information technology. This may include installing and maintaining data center infrastructure, such as servers, routers, and other network equipment. IT electricians may also be responsible for troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues related to IT equipment, as well as ensuring that electrical systems are properly configured and meet industry standards. In addition to their electrical expertise, IT electricians may also have a background in computer science and networking.

Clients count on us to develop and support custom desktop applications, mobile applications and web sites with the knowledge to address complex issues others may struggle with. We are a one stop shop to support all of your IT needs – including hardware, software, networking and your web hosting and design. Save money by outsourcing your IT needs to us instead of maintaining your own costly IT department.

We always focus on designing your website according to your wishes and your target group – The websites we design are professional, stylish, and easy for your customers to relate to. Your website must represent your company and clearly show what you offer and stand for.

Whether you need circuit breakers, light fixtures, outlets, or any other wiring job, as professional electricians we can give your home some sparkle! From the simplest light switch to the most complex automated electrical systems, we’ve got the answers for you. As IT Electrician specialists, certified and insured, we have the experience and professionalism to get your IT and Electrical jobs done right.

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